1990 - 2010 

Clansfolk the group (Pete, Eileen & Simon) continue to play together, Simon joins Spindrift and The Falcon Folk Club brings a lot more music and friends into their circle. 

John Bond joins Clansfolk on several gigs and Pete reforms his relationship with Ian Gartside and starts playing with The Elderly Brothers (Ian Gartside, John Bond, Dave Galbraith, Ian Jackson). Sundance (Rockabilly) formed, and Pete also joins The Wyre Pier Band. Pete and Eileen join Singleton Cloggers. PI Recording Studio opens (Pete & Ian).

The Millennium sees the formation of Midnight Special which proved the new line up for Penny Black, Sundance reform as Willy and The Poorboys, Pete & Ian (Gartside) go back to their roots and form the basis of The Ian Gartside Band, Penny Black release several CDs, work with the BBC on several ventures including The Blue Bus and take A.R.C. (Arthritis Research Campaign) as their chosen charity arranging Concerts, Events and even buskin' to raise money for this worthy cause. Mighty Wind formed playing "60's revival" revival music. Pete, Eileen and on occasions Simon continue to perform.

Clansfolk, Penny Black, The Ian Gartside Band, Mighty Wind, Willy & The PoorBoys play on............

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