Over the years Pete has played along side many other musicians in several bands and solo

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Here's some music that he's been involved with....

Pete appeared in the Radio show "From China to Lancashire - an accordion's Tale" produced written and recorded by Maria Felix-Vas for Radio Lancashire. Listen to the the fun and informative show below ( wish I had the out takes :0) 

Accordion Programme.mp3

One of the main local influences on the folk revival in the 60's was The Cartford Arms. Little Eccleston Lancashire - Many thanks to Donald for this 19min audio nostalgic reminder of the Cartford in the 60's.. opening the track is "Big" Pete Rogers (The Taverners) 

cardford a long journey low q.mp3

 In the 60's Pete learned this song "Looking for a Job" from Matt McGinn here it is revived in 21st Century 

looking for a job.mp3

In the 60's Pete came across  "The 3 city 4" folk group and this poem "Timothy Winters" by Charles Causley set to music  by Leon Rosselson, although the record is worn out now, a release of 3city4's music is available on CD.

Timothy Winters.mp3

In the late 60's Pete joined with another Pete (O'Callaghan) after a chance meeting at The Cartford which led to a great friendship, song writing collaboration and "The Two Brewers"             RIP POC  

 "Flying Boats" (aka Lytham Town) words and music by Pete O'Callaghan & Pete Skinner

Flying Boats.mp3


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